Premier League is all ready to continue after the meeting on Monday

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    The top level of the English football league system was hanging in the balance after confusion arose that whether the tournament will go on or not, concerning the rapid increase of coronavirus again, and for this time it has shown in the clubs, staffs and members as well.

    However, the league is all set to go on inaction following lengthy discussions at the meeting of EPL shareholders on Monday afternoon. More than half of the slated fixtures of the competition were postponed, concerning the rise of coronavirus again.

    Premier League to continue

    Premier League itself tweeted that it was confirmed in a meeting on Monday that while recognizing the number of clubs that are going through COVID19 outbreaks as well as various challenges, the league wants to continue the current schedule most safely.

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    However, there have been various suggestions that a stoppage may be required known as circuit breakers. Premier League confirmed that they are intending to continue playing whenever it is possible maintaining the safety precautions.

    Vote from the PL Clubs

    The majority of the PL clubs voted in this regard of organizing it safely when possible. However, this signifies that if cases tend to increase, then Premier League might be postponed to January of the next year. Sources state that stopping the season entirely was also discussed but no other clubs voted for the same.

    Primarily, there was no formal vote between the 20 Premier League clubs instead listening to all suggestions and concerns were put forward. It is confirmed that Premier League won’t get abandoned for a long or sometimes, it is confirmed that it will be in action soon when conducting it in the venues would be entirely safe. Fans will certainly be waiting to see one of the most prestigious football leagues of the world soon be on action.

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