Premier League in talks to get temporarily shutdown

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    The shareholders of Premier League are all ready to meet on Monday amid calls from some clubs to shut down the present Premier League season, after the COVID outbreaks in various EPL teams. The global pandemic has been reigning the world for a long time, though it was under control for some time, again it has been spreading with its initial speed.

    Half of the fixtures of this weekend in England’s, flights have been called off due to the spread of this infection. Thomas Frank the head coach of the Premier League club Brentford FC, initiated calls to temporarily stop the campaign to get rid of his sudden spread of COVID in this tournament.

    However, the same view was not shared by Jurgen Klopp and Steve Parish, the heads of Liverpool and Crystal Palace respectively. Jurgen Klopp even stated that there still not enough reason arose to take this action.

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    No benefit from shutting down the tournament

    As per sources, an expert stated that there will be primarily no benefit from shutting down the Premier League as the COVID19 infection rates are rapidly increasing, and the Premier League must prepare for the chaos which would last for a minimum of six weeks.

    Discussion to take place to postpone Premier League

    The PL chiefs will go on a meeting to discussion regarding the same. However, the majority of the clubs are agreeing to play, with some of them wanting the tournament to get postponed. The other top-flight fixtures are set to take place, including Tottenham locking horns to Liverpool, and Arsenal going face to face with Leeds.

    Also, among the other top fights include the Wolves who will host Chelsea as well as the top team of the Premier League at the points table, i.e., Manchester City will travel to Newcastle.

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