PlayStation 5 Pro reportedly confirmed to be in development over at Sony

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    According to known leaker Tom Henderson, the PlayStation 5 Pro is real, and development kits for the high-end PS5 console will be sent out to developers soon. Henderson reported in March of this year that Sony is developing a PlayStation 5 Pro model in the same way that it is developing a PS4 Pro model. This enhanced PS5 console is expected to be released in late 2024. At least, that’s what Henderson wrote in an Insider Gaming article.

    No additional information about the rumored PlayStation 5 Pro model was provided.

    Since then, the well-known leaker has claimed that Sony is also working on new hardware, such as its Q-Lite handheld, a PS5 Slim model, and others. Sony has yet to confirm any of the new PlayStation hardware, especially the PlayStation 5 Pro, so we’re not sure if Henderson is correct with the information he claims to have. Henderson claims that the PlayStation 5 Pro is 100% in development at Sony in a new article published today on Insider Gaming.

    Development kits for the Pro model are expected to be distributed to first-party studios in the coming months. Following that, third-party developers will receive dev kits. Henderson’s article concludes with what has already been stated about the PlayStation 5 Pro’s release date: the fourth quarter of 2024.

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    Henderson has a track record of dependability. Sony announced the PlayStation 4 Pro model in 2016, three years after the regular PS4 model was released. After being announced in September 2016, the current PlayStation 5 models (digital and disc-version) were released in November 2020.

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