Overwatch 2: Year of the Rabbit Event Guide and details

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    Many Overwatch 2 players were dissatisfied with the Battle For Olympus event, claiming that it required excessive grinding on a single arcade mode. Blizzard may or may not have heeded the public outcry, but the Lunar New Year 2023 event appears to be very different. Instead of focusing on a single arcade mode, the Lunar New Year event includes three in its challenges.

    Overwatch 2 players can earn various rewards along the way, with the Legendary Kkachi skin for Echo being the top prize.

    Overwatch 2’s Lunar New Year 2023 event includes five challenges. This event, unlike Battle For Olympus, includes three different arcade modes: Capture the Flag, CTF Blitz, and Bounty Hunter. To obtain the Kkachi skin for Echo, players must complete four challenges. When players complete any two of these challenges, they will be rewarded with a Lucky Pouch weapon charm. Players who complete four levels will receive the Kkachi skin for Echo.

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    While winning 10 games of Bounty Hunter is a tall order, players should have no trouble completing the remaining four in order to receive the top reward. Furthermore, many players consider Overwatch 2’s Capture the Flag mode to be one of the best seasonal game modes. Overall, players should have a much easier time than completing the Battle For Olympus event, which requires hundreds upon hundreds of kills.

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    During the 2023 Lunar New Year event, players can obtain the Legendary Masked Dancer skin for Moira by watching Overwatch 2 streams on Twitch. This requires players to link their Twitch and accounts, as well as watch Overwatch 2 streams with drops enabled.

    In addition, anyone who logs into Overwatch 2 during the event will receive a Year of the Rabbit player icon.

    Overwatch 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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