NVIDIA GeForce NOW Subscribers reveal the Free Copy of Crysis Remastered

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    It seems that the chance is near to run Crysis Remastered on your PC also with much of the modern setup. It is reported that the cloud gaming GeForce has currently added an RYTX 3080 tier. If you want to commit to the six-month membership and you also can receive Crysis Remastered for free as a perk. Now NVIDIA just release redeemable codes like the Crysis Remasterse for anyone who has been signed up for six months with a paid membership tier in GeForce NOW. You will get b two options to choose from as at the priority level that runs $49.99 for six months and RTX 3080 tier for $99.99 for the six months.

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    You also can sign up free of cost that will get you such basic rig, standard access, and also one-hour gaming sessions. It is definitely a good path for trying out the service though it has not come with the Crysis Remasterers perk. It seems that the free game will offer both new signups and also the current monthly Founders and Priority members who have upgraded the subscription for the six months.

    Here’s how the two break down:

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    RTX 3080 Membership

    • RTX 3080 Rig | RTX On
    • Exclusive Access to RTX 3080 Servers
    • 8-Hour Session Length
    • Up to 1440p at 120 FPS (PC and Mac)
    • Up to 4K HDR Shield TV

    Priority Membership

    • Premium Rig | RTX On
    • Priority Access to Gaming Servers
    • 6-Hour Session Length
    • Up to 1080p at 60 FPS
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    NVIDIA has explained that founders, exclusively can upgrade for the GeForce NOW RTX 3080 membership and also will get 10 percent off on the subscription price and also there is no risk for their current Founders gain. They also can revert back to Life’s pricing long as they remain inconsistent good standing on any of the paid memberships plans.

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    NVIDIA has said that current RTX 3080 members will get the game codes in recent days and thank you for being one of the first to give it to the whirl. We will like to inform you that the Cliff Notes version is the service that is solid and definitely worth considering mainly with GPUs so hard to find out these days. It seems that the code can be redeemed at the Epic Game Store along with January 31, 2022. NVIDIA has confirmed to give out of the codes that have been earmarked to give away.

    A big thanks for the source.

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