New York Mets agreeing on a three year deal with Max Scherzer

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    Popular baseball team New York Mets have agreed on a three year deal with star baseball pitcher Max Scherzer. Sources from the MLB Network state that the deal is a 130 million dollars contract with the three-time Cy Young award winner. The 43.3 million dollars per season will break the MLB record of all time for the average annual value. Currently, Gerrit Cole holds the record of 36 million dollars per year pact.

    The Deal by New York Mets on Max Scherzer

    The New York Mets haven’t yet confirmed the deal. This deal includes an opt-out after the 2023 season. This move by the team also signifies the Mets are trying their level best to become one of the model franchises in the MLB and will be able to land any free agent at any time.

    Max Scherzer will be part of the Mets’ rotation, which will be led by Jacob deGrom, a two time National League Cy Young award winner.

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    The fifth-largest deal in club history

    If the deal gets finalized, it will be the fifth-largest deal in club history. Check out the four big deals before this.

    • Francisco Lindor for 341 million dollars
    • David Wright for 138 million dollars
    • Jacob deGrom for 137.5 million dollars
    • Johan Santana for 137.5 million dollars
    • Max Scherzer for 130 million dollars

    Will the deal get finalized?

    The deal is expected to get finalized but hasn’t been confirmed yet, and it is a great sort of speculation among the baseball fans how far the deal would go. The New York Mets have disclosed their desire to sign Javy Baeza on the other hand for the MLB season in 2022. Negotiation hasn’t been forwarded due to economic differences. It is to be seen what happens next.

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