Netflix’s Heavenly Bites trailer released

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    Foodies and innovative people desiring to explore new kinds of taste can access the Heavenly Bites trailer, dropped by Netflix in the above link. The Mexican cinema has been dominated by the Hollywoods’ big family plays.

    People can find here a resilient blend of famed national dishes along with some mouth-watering regional specialities including pig tacos, Juchitan armadillo, along with worms like Gael Garcia Bernal’s Oaxaca celebrated character for instance, in the Mexican film “You are killing me, Susana”.

    Heavenly Bites is primarily a six-part food series, where people can explore the gastronomic delights of Mexico, that is one step further, and Vice Studios as also described it as a culinary journey along with the Mexico, that has been following these characters who has formed the dishes with such mouth-watering and delicious flavours, mixing the passion of food with the entire ingenuity.

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    Details on Heavenly Bites

    The Heavenly Bites trailer shows that people who are eating in Mexico, has no rules, as well as their cooking has no rules. So, the people existing there have taken the pre-existing food and has transformed it into something more delicious. It has a huge hamburger with a 10 to 15 story. There is also a chocolate dish whose top is filled with twenty different types of chocolates.

    A hot dog, which lengths 50 cm, with tortas drown in such colourful sauces, tacos in a torta, Chamoy fill with all kinds of gum, and the house sauce as well. It also discloses the family’s food business that was initiated by their mom started with chilaquiles torta.

    Juan Marquez has been the director of the show is an alumnus of the prestigious Centro de Capacitacion Cinematography of Mexico City, and the co-writer of Lila Aviles, “the Chambermaid.” The show is releasing on January 19, 2022, only on Netflix.

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