Netflix’s poor working conditions: Two people succumb to death while filming ‘The Chosen One’ 

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    Like Alec Baldwin’s last set, Netflix has been accused of professional misconduct for providing actors with poor working conditions. An accident was reported last Thursday in Mulegé, southern Baja California. Filmmaker Redrum was hired by Netflix to oversee the production of ‘The Chosen One’ series, which depicts the life of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    While driving to a movie location in an old white van, the car was tragically hit by an accident that killed actors Paco Mufote and Raymundo Garduño. Another six people in a crowded van were injured. The news resonated with Baja California’s decades-old filmmaking industry.

    Netflix Held Culpable for their Actions

    After the tragedy, countless people involved in the local film industry began naming Netflix for malpractice. They claim that the company is outsourcing to less capable manufacturers to save money. The result is always such a tragedy and the more famous death in a series of ‘Rust‘.

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    Baja California filmmaker Rick Zazueta has posted a long statement on his Facebook account released. He blamed the tragedy on producer Stacey Perkie and elected ‘The Chosen One’ director Everardo Gout. Zazueta also states that Netflix, like her, is responsible for these tragic deaths.

    Suspension of Production for ‘The Chosen One’

    The main problem with Netflix is ​​that it chose to bypass the Mexican acting consortium known as ANDA to save money. Instead of doing everything in the book, they tried to take these shortcuts, but unfortunately, they died. 

    On social media, you can find countless souvenirs about both actors. They were important members of the Baja California film industry.

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    Netflix hasn’t commented on this yet, they haven’t made a public statement about it yet. Production of the series will be suspended until further notice, leaving others injured in a stable condition.

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