NBA 2K23: Michael Jordan is Back with Jordan Challenges

    In honor of Michael Jordan’s appearance on the cover of NBA 2K23’s special editions, developer 2K is bringing back the venerable Jordan Challenges. The six-time NBA champion will appear on the covers of the appropriately named Michael Jordan Edition and the limited Championship Edition, according to the publisher, who also announced a September 9 publication date.

    Jordan was selected not only because 2K23 corresponds to his famous jersey number, but also because, according to 2K, his character embodies the essence of the campaign mode for this year’s MyPlayer, Answer the Call. Alfie Brody, vice president of global marketing strategy for NBA 2K, said, “After establishing 23 as the most known number in sports, it was only natural that for NBA 2K23 we launch the Michael Jordan Edition.”

    The standard edition’s cover star and price were not disclosed, but last year’s special edition, which was probably the Michael Jordan edition tier, cost $99.99 as opposed to the ordinary edition’s $59.99/$69.99 pricing depending on the console generation.

    However, the Championship Edition is a brand-new level of NBA 2K versions that includes a year’s worth of access to NBA League Pass, which gives access to every genuine, live NBA game on TV. Given that this costs $50 on its own, purchasers of this most expensive model should be prepared for a significant price increase.

    Aside from confirming the return of the classic Jordan Challenges from NBA 2K11, 2K hasn’t said much else about what each version contains. Players had to replicate key moments in Michael Jordan’s career as part of the ten-part Jordan Challenges series.

    However, 15 distinct challenges will receive a modest update in 2K23, drawing from Jordan’s time playing for Team USA and the Chicago Bulls during his NBA tenure. The remaining five challenges will be included in their game mode, along with all ten of the original challenges, which will be completely reconstructed.

    Jordan has appeared on the NBA 2K cover four times, first in 2K11 (with the inaugural Jordan Challenges), then in 2K12, and most recently in the 2K16 Special Edition.

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