F1 2022: Incremental upgrades make the already Amazing game even Better

    Formula One is back, and the heart of the experience continues to be the Ego engine from Codemasters. Due to the game’s essential nature, a quick comparison of the new F1 22 to last year’s offering reveals many similarities: similarly to last year, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are both offering native 4K resolutions, with Series S trailing behind with a 1080p resolution.

    All systems use dynamic resolution scaling to maintain performance. There is ray tracing support, 120Hz features, and pretty much everything else you could want from the experience. Thankfully, there is no porpoising, so the sport’s game avoids the controversy of this year.

    At least for console users, F1 22 makes the necessary adjustments. The new vehicles, liveries, and drivers are undoubtedly present, and the circuits have been slightly improved for detail and adjusted to match their real-world counterparts. Ray-traced reflections are also included, similar to what was presented last year. On console, however, replays and other out-of-race areas are the only places where ray tracing features are used, which results in a drop in frame rate to 30. Unusual for PS5 or even PC, Xbox Series platforms seem to benefit from some in-cockpit RT reflections. The good news for PC users is that RT may be activated at any time while playing, albeit with a significant performance cost.

    F1 22 now has ray-traced transparency, which gives transparent surfaces like glass a reflecting quality. This is especially noticeable in the new supercar lineup, where glass windscreens are added. As a result, they can be easily identified in the game’s new F1 Life exhibition spaces on the main menu. Transparencies are a nice addition that blends in well with the other RT effects, such as reflections and shadows. It is present on PS5, Xbox Series X, the S model, and the PC as a brand-new toggle.

    On the surface, this year’s iteration appears to have made some gains on consoles, albeit little ones. This year’s enhancements to PC may be the biggest overall, with VR support cutting. The cockpit view in F1 22 works well with a variety of VR headsets on PC. As of right now, Codemasters tells us that there are no plans to support PSVR2 for this functionality; hopefully, the company will change its mind closer to the headset’s release. Support for Nvidia’s DLSS scaling technique is another new feature for PC.

    Both PS5 and Series X are handled well, with the normal 60Hz mode giving an almost faultless experience, even during times of high stress. Even the Series S maintains a steady 60 frames per second in heavy rain, with the most cars, even on a challenging course like Monaco.

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