Money Heist Season 5 Volume 1: Twitter reactions and reviews of the fans and audience

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    Money Heist is a Spanish heist crime drama TV series. It is created by Alex Pina. It is executively produced by Alex Pina, Sonia Martinez, Jesus Colmenar, Lobato, Cristina Lopez Ferraz and Nacho Manubens. Its production companies are Atresmedia and Vancouver Media. It contains 4 seasons having 31 episodes. It has a running time of 41-59 minutes for each episode. It was firstly released on 20th December 2017. The fifth season is going to be released within a month. The head writer of season 5 is Javier Gomez Santander.

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    Short glimpses about the series

    This story is based in Madrid, in the first two seasons a mysterious man named ‘The Professor’ recruits a set of 8 people who choose city names for themselves to avoid personal sharing of life in order to carry out an extraordinary, brilliant, impossible, and ambitious plan of robbing The Royal Mint of Spain.

    In the next two seasons, the groups are forced to come out from their nutshell in order to save one of their members of the heist. In this season, they prepared for a second heist, this time, it’s The Bank of Spain, and again they deal with hostages and police forces simultaneously.

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    In the last season, they left us with many loose ends that where the new season will try to meet the ends.

    Lisbon has fewer chances to get out of The Bank of Spain because Inspector Sierra has dominated The Professor. Whereas The Professor has to play cleverly and make a plan of escape, and meanwhile Lisbon will have to continue to melt the gold.

    We can expect the series to end on a happy note. The directors may reunite Lisbon and the Professor with all the other heist members and give the series finale an emotional goodbye.

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    Teaser itself gave a heart-thumping reaction to the audience. In this teaser, there’s a lot of action. The army is inside the bank and continues to attack in order to force the gang to surrender, but they did not. They continue to fight. While the members make their way through The Bank of Spain. The professor was outside managing from there, but in a second’s blink, the Professor was found to be tied to a chair’s hint, assuming that Alicia Sierra has managed to overpower him.

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    This season is going to be the ultimate one. It will surpass all the expectations of the audience. Above the teaser, we can only say that we will experience a brilliant escape. Audiences are waiting to see how they will escape by melting the gold into tiny balls and how all the gang members reunite with the Professor, and how they led their life afterward were revealed.

    Review and reactions of the fans and audience

    Money Heist Season 5 volume 1 delivers us an interesting package of twists and turns, it ended on an emotional note with Tokyo’s death.

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    The fans were disheartened by Tokyo’s death and have expressed their emotions in a number of tweets. While one Twitter user said, “Tokyo used to be selfish and reckless. But tonight, we saw a different version of her who thought about the group more than herself. Money Heist just surprises us every time but it fucking hurts.”

    Another demanded a series which is portraying Tokyo’s past life. “Berlin, Nairobi, & Tokyo may forget how they lived, but their legacies will always be remembered..”

    Here we present the reactions of the fans:-

    Money Heist Season 5 Volume 1 was released on 3rd September 2021. It contains five episodes.

    Here we present the trailer:-

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