Microsoft adds Game Length feature to Game Pass

    Microsoft has introduced a new feature to its PC Game Pass service, which already has a tonne of content. Game listings now include information on how long it takes to finish each game. Fortunately, this isn’t limited to averages because it contains four alternative times based on your preferences for playing games.

    For the new PC Game Pass feature, Microsoft collaborated with HowLongToBeat, a user-driven website that specialises on game lengths. Simply choose a game from the service, and you’ll be able to see in the Details section how much of your time it will consume.

    The listing includes four estimated times. This method will take the least time because Main Tale is intended for the select few individuals who enjoy to rush through the main campaign or story without doing anything else.

    credit: techspot

    Main + Extras comes next. This extends the Main Story duration by adding extras like new quests and objectives, medals, and unlockables. The longest mode, Completionist, is for players who feel obligated to complete a game to the fullest extent possible by seeing and doing everything there is to see and do. The last option is All Styles. This provides an estimated average time that accounts for all playstyles.

    The View Details link can also be selected. This links users to the HowLongToBeat website where they may view a more thorough breakdown of the times and submit their own. Additionally, the website offers playthrough notes and evaluations from the public and critics.

    credit: techspot

    The All Styles time for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is 91 hours, which is roughly how long this author spent on the journey. It’s interesting to see that Forza Horizon 5 shows a lengthy 101 hours for Completionist and 36 hours for Main Story + Extras.

    In addition to the new functionality, Microsoft claims that the PC Xbox software now launches up to 15% more quickly and has updates that have enhanced its responsiveness. Additionally, search results will return 20% faster, and according to Microsoft, the number of player reports of games that failed to download or install properly has been cut in half.

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