Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Windows

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    Windows 11: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella plans about Apple devices working with Windows

    Microsoft recently released Windows 11 at an online event, sparking heated discussions about several exciting new features. One notable feature that has received a lot of attention in Windows 11 is its ability to run Android apps. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that he hopes to integrate Apple devices. This includes the iPhone, which will sync with Windows 11. It was a common question whether Microsoft would consider integrating its Windows 11 With Apple devices. The Microsoft’s Indian CEO said the company welcomes the integration of Apple devices with Windows 11, including iTunes, iMessages, etc. Nadella further stated that the company wants to make sure Microsoft applications run smoothly on Apple devices.

    So far, Microsoft has signed an agreement with Amazon’s application store. This is to ensure that the store’s Android applications can run smoothly on Windows 11. In addition, it also emphasized that the company hopes to invite all major application providers to join. Join Windows 11 and all applications can join Windows 11.

    Will Windows and Apple really sync in the coming days?

    Although Nadella gave a kind answer to the interviewer when asked about the possible connection with Apple, he later confronted Apple and said that the world needs a platform. Apple has long been criticized for its loneliness and exclusivity when working with other computer and software companies. Nadella also added in the interview that Windows 11 will not charge developers any fees on its platform and will allow developers to use the payment system of their choice.

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