Messi’s renewal might be a matter of concern for the future of Griezman at Barcelona

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    Barcelona FC having an everlasting bond with Lionel Messi will always renew him. And things went the same, as they will sign a new deal when Messi’s contract ends with the club at the end of this month. Reports suggested that the club will know this news soon of their renewal of deal with Lionel Messi.

    However, this is good news for many football fans, but not for all the players. Some reports state that the club has decided that Antoine Griezman should leave Barcelona, as the renewal of Messi is all but an official at this point.

    Uncertain future of Griezman at Barca

    Griezman came to Barca 2 years back in 2019, and some questions were raised that how far he will be fit for the team. Primarily in the role of a shadow striker, he occupied all the same position as Lionel Messi does, and many times, Ernesto Valverde pushed to the wing. Till now, he has played two seasons with the club and is quite used to the team. Despite his future in this club is uncertain till now.

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    Antione Griezman

    There will be a high financial problem

    The major problem is not with Griezman’s performance. He is an outstanding player and has also awarded his nation the world cup in 2018. But the major problem lies in the pitch. Sustaining two players with a massive sum of money is certainly very difficult, as Messi and Griezman are both among the top 5 earners. Even Joan Laporta and co. would have to shell out 200 million pounds, once the deal between them and Messi will go final.

    On the other hand, the club has also signed in Memphis Depay, and Sergio Aguero, and also the Blaugranas host eight forwards, along with Alex Collado being nine. They will occupy the most here positions most of the time. In this case, offloading Griezmann will be justified. The Frenchman costs 120 million pounds, and Barca will probably not like to spend this huge amount of some when they have an alternative.

    Which club can keep sign him in this situation?

    Besides, Grriezman’s playing style signifies that he is limited by the teams, who arrange a specific structure that is suited to a player, who occupies the whole.  Among the leading clubs, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan, and Chelsea frequently apply the formation. Juventus is the only side from this list that can both have the money for Griezman and keep him in the playing XI.

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    The upcoming summer is going to be interesting for the 30-year-old French footballer, who couldn’t put a great impact while in Catalonia or Barcelona.

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