MCC Pushes for Minimum 3-Match Series from ICC FTP 2028

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    MCC – ICC FTP 2028 : In a bid to rejuvenate the timeless charm of Test cricket, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has taken a decisive stance, urging the International Cricket Council (ICC) to mandate a minimum of three matches in Test series starting from the 2028 Future Tours Programme (FTP) cycle. The proposal comes as a response to recent Test series, such as Australia vs West Indies and India vs South Africa, which concluded prematurely with just two matches, leaving enthusiasts yearning for more cricketing action.

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    Let’s have look into more details : MCC – ICC FTP 2028

    The MCC’s World Cricket Committee (WCC), spearheaded by the illustrious Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara, convened in Cape Town to deliberate on the future of the red-ball format. Reflecting on the enthralling encounters witnessed in Brisbane and Hyderabad, where cricket aficionados were treated to captivating displays of Test cricket, the committee underscored the significance of sustaining this traditional format.

    Highlighting the palpable excitement generated by these matches, the MCC lamented the absence of a potential series decider, emphasizing the need for a minimum of three Test matches to provide a comprehensive and conclusive contest. The call for longer Test series resonates with cricket enthusiasts worldwide, who crave the intricacies and narratives that unfold over the course of multiple matches.

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    Beyond advocating for an extended Test series format, the MCC put forth a holistic approach aimed at fortifying Test cricket’s stature in the face of burgeoning T20 leagues and limited-overs extravaganzas. The committee’s recommendations encompass a spectrum of measures, including a revamped revenue-sharing model, strategic funding for women’s cricket, and the imperative to diversify cricketing markets beyond traditional strongholds like India.

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    Central to the MCC’s vision is the notion of equity and inclusivity within the realm of cricket. Proposing that home teams bear the expenses of visiting sides during bilateral series, the committee seeks to address the existing economic disparities and foster a more balanced playing field. This shift towards a fairer revenue distribution model aligns with the MCC’s commitment to nurturing a vibrant and sustainable cricketing ecosystem.

    Moreover, the MCC advocates for a recalibration of the FTP to ensure a more equitable distribution of matches across member nations. By affording every cricket-playing nation equal opportunities and exposure, the committee aims to cultivate a thriving global cricketing landscape that transcends geographical boundaries.

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    1. Who leads the MCC’s World Cricket Committee?

      Sri Lankan legend Kumar Sangakkara chairs the committee, with notable figures like Sourav Ganguly, Graeme Smith, and Heather Knight contributing their expertise

    2. Why does the MCC suggest home teams bear expenses for visiting sides during bilateral series?

      To address economic disparities and create a fairer revenue distribution model, ensuring equity within the cricketing ecosystem

    As the custodians of cricketing ethos and tradition, the MCC remains steadfast in its dedication to preserving the essence of Test cricket while fostering innovation and inclusivity. With luminaries such as Sourav Ganguly, Graeme Smith, and Heather Knight lending their expertise to the committee, the journey towards revitalizing Test cricket promises to be both visionary and transformative.

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    In the eve -evolving landscape of cricket, the MCC’s clarion call for a minimum of three-match Test series stands as a testament to the enduring legacy and timeless allure of this revered format. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the dawn of a new era marked by extended Test series and equitable competition, the MCC’s resolute stance heralds a promising chapter in the annals of the gentleman’s game.

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