Marvel and EA are reportedly making three new Video Games together

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    Together with Electronic Arts, the venerable publisher of series like Madden, FIFA, Mass Effect, Need For Speed, and several more, Marvel Games will produce three distinct video games. A new Iron Man game, which is now in the early stages of production at Motive Studio, is the result of the collaboration that EA and Marvel Games announced earlier this year. And although while the release date for this Iron Man project appears to be very far off, that doesn’t seem to have stopped Marvel and EA from agreeing to work together to develop two other games.

    EA disclosed that it is collaborating with Marvel on three separate games that will be released on PC and consoles via a press release. The first of these three initiatives is the aforementioned Iron Man video game, about which we only have general information. According to reports, this game will have a brand-new Tony Stark, making it comparable to other fully unique Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers iterations we’ve seen in recent video games.

    The other two Marvel projects at EA are still under wraps, but one well-known report has at least given us a clear sense of what they would entail.

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    A Black Panther video game was allegedly in development at EA earlier this summer. According to reports, this game is being developed at a brand-new Seattle studio that includes seasoned members of the group who worked on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. It’s also important to note that this project is distinct from the unnamed Captain America and Black Panther game that Skydance New Media is currently developing.

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    In general, it’s not all that surprising to learn that Marvel and EA are considering a prominent collaboration. Despite EA’s often dubious fan reputation, the publisher has in the past been in charge of developing a number of projects that are connected to significant assets. While only time will tell how these three Marvel games are accepted, it appears that EA is at least giving single-player games more attention going forward.

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