Emiliano Martinez explains his disputed Golden Glove celebration

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    The Qatar World Cup 2022 saw a dream come true for millions of fans as Argentina lifted their third World Championship and Messi his first. They won it against the defending champions in a penalty shootout, and Emiliano Martinez was again the central attraction. 

    He made some excellent saves and had a penalty shootout for the lifetime that earned him the Golden glove. 

    The prize resembles exactly what it names: A gorgeous golden glove. Upon receiving it in the award ceremony, he celebrated his win by holding the glove to his groin space. 

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    His celebration-style picture soon went viral, and this has created a log of questions and of course, much criticism.

    Why did Martinez celebrate it in that manner?

    After a jaw-dropping final game of 3-3, the match was forced to be pushed to the penalties. The shootout made everyone anxious, including the players and the fans. 

    Following the aftermath of his celebration, he explained to Argentine media La Red the reason behind that kind of celebration. He said, 

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    I did it because the French were booing me, pride doesn’t go with me. I dedicate the title to my family. I come from a very humble place. I went to England very young. I want to dedicate it to them.”

    A great sportsman

    One thing that’s deniable about Martinez is his exceptional sportsman spirit. One of the post match images saw the terrific goalkeeper consoling Kylian Mbappe in the presence of Emmanuel Macron

    In the 3-3 score before the shootout, Mbappe scored a mouth watering hattrick while Messi scored twice for Argentina and Di Maria once. 

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    Ultimately, the penalty shootout ended in Argentina’s favour with Gonzalo Montiel hitting the winning shot to go for a wild celebration for all the Argentine fans and of course Messi fans all over the globe.

    Martinez, the person with impeccable spirit and wonderful sportsmanship, was at the heart of those celebrations.

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