What was Manchester United’s Dressing Room’s response to Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview?

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    Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo’s new interview has created odd in the Manchester United dressing room and the squad members seem to be very dissatisfied with their teammate’s conduct. What exactly happened in the interview that led to this situation? 

    Let’s find out. 

    The Manchester United dressing room is unhappy with Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview with Piers Morgan that came out Sunday night. In the interview, Ronaldo is seen publicly shaming the club for its failure to invest in infrastructure since Sir Alex Ferguson‘s retirement as head coach. 

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    He also clearly stated that he has zero respect for the current Manchester United coach Erik ten Hag.

    Manchester United dressing room unhappy with Ronaldo’s interview

    Reports suggest the Manchester United players came to know about the Portuguese star’s interview while they were on their way back to London, from the trip. They achieved a significant victory against Fulham in the crucial concluding minutes. Everyone in the squad is unable to understand why Ronaldo gave this interview.

    Accused of disrespecting MU?

    Ronaldo’s teammates find it disrespectful on his part for such a bombastic interview with Piers Morgan. They are “hugely disappointed” and that they are disrespected.

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    Ten Hag in strength position

    There has not been so much speculation since Ten Hag came to Manchester United in the summer that any of the team players had any issues with him except the Portuguese legend.

    For the first time in the last few years, the Manchester United squad seems to be promising and settled and appears to be with a clear identity about their game. 

    Though the results are not that decent so far, the progress is showing up rapidly. However, Ronaldo’s attitude and his comments regarding Piers Morgan are a lot more complicated than that.

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