Manchester City’s income has beaten their staunch rivals Manchester United

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    Premier League’s one of the biggest rivalries dwells in between Man City, and Man United, which competes in various ways in terms of playing football, having the better team, earning the most income etc. As per reports, Manchester City has recorded revenues of a massive amount of almost 570 million pounds, which are the figures boosted by their run to the UEFA Champions League Final.

    The Champions of the Premier League returned a small profit of 2.4 million pounds following their intake of 126 million pounds loss the season before in the response to the global COVID19 pandemic. The sources of Manchester City were very keen to state their progress during the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, which is measured across two years and has also been a factor in the losses uncured in the previous campaign.

    Annual revenue of Manchester City

    In the club’s annual report, which came out on Tuesday, the revenues have totalled to make 297 million pounds, which includes the matches conducted during the project restart in 2020. In addition to that, commercial revenues have elevated up to 271 million pounds, following a wave of new partnerships.

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    At present, Manchester City can pay a total of 228 million pounds on their current squad, which will also have some additional clauses along with the bonuses, and some of them will be based on the performance of the team. Wages have increased to a record amount of 354 million pounds, which is 3 million pounds up, and have covered 509 employees across the administration and football staff.

    Ferran Soriano in this regard

    Ferran Soriano, the chief executive said in this regard that COVID-19 hasn’t stopped them, but they have continued to grow, innovate, and have enhanced with new ideas. The report of Manchester City has been documented with research, which has been undertaken by Brand Finance, and places them in the fourth position of being the most valuable football brand in Europe.

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