Luis Suarez clears doubts regarding whether he will play with Messi again or not

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    There has been an increasing speculation regarding whether Luis Suarez will join Inter Miami and play with Lionel Messi again or not, and Luis Suarez have cleared the doubt regarding the same. There has also been an increasing speculation bout football stars who might join MLS, particularly Inter Miami, following the announcement of Lionel Messi’s arrival.

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    Some players could potentially make the move to the United States after becoming free agents. This applies to Sergio Busquets, who is currently under contract with Barcelona until June 30, and Jordi Alba, who has already left Barcelona and likely has other plans.

    Another player mentioned in connection with Messi’s arrival in Miami is Cesc Fabregas, currently playing for Italian club Como, of which he is also a shareholder.

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    Will Luis Suarez join Inter Miami?

    Meanwhile, Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez is reportedly content playing for Gremio de Porto Alegre in Brazil. Suarez joined the Brazilian team this year from Nacional, where he has played 25 games and scored 14 goals.

    In an interview with Uruguayan newspaper El Observador, Suarez said that he is “very happy” at Gremio, with his contract running until 2024.

    It is not a matter of not wanting to reunite with his close friend Messi, but rather how satisfied he is with his current situation.

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    Nevertheless, Suarez could consider that at the age of 36, Messi’s arrival in MLS presents a valuable opportunity for him to retire in a prestigious market.

    As for Messi, he has been clear from the beginning, possibly alluding to someone other than Alba and Busquets, and perhaps even Suarez, that he made his decision for himself and is not sure about the plans of his former teammates.

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