Luis Enrique flies to London for meeting Chelsea

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    Luis Enrique has recently signed a power of attorney for the people he trusts to look for a favorable destination in the English Premier League, however everything has sped up since a couple of weeks. The initial idea of Luis Enrique was to start a project in the upcoming season, however the sudden appearance of a vacancy in Chelsea has changed everything. This is what he acknowledged in a recent interview of his.

    Ivan de la Pana who has become the official agent of Luis Enrique in this case, is helping him to get the job done by landing the Chelsea job to him. Reports state that the former Spanish national team coach was making his way towards London for closing his incorporation to the London club, which was even accompanied by Ivan la Pena.

    Chelsea might be close on contracting with Luis Enrique

    There is a high possibility that Chelsea might come closer conc losing a deal with Luis Enrique on being the manager of the club. Chelsea is going to lock horns with Real Madrid, and high chances are there that we get to see Enrique in the benches of the club. Now everything is dependent with Enrique’s talk with the president of the club, i.e., Todd Boehly, and then the decision regarding the same would be taken.

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    The club in need of a manager

    The fact is that, Chelsea are in need of a manager at present considering their position in both the Premier League as well as the Champions League, In the EPL, they aren’t in a good position, and hence they will look forward to better that, and in the UCL, they even have a chance to go to the finals, and have Real Madrid at the quarters. Hence, better will it be to take Luis Enrique onboard, and make him take charge of the club, at the earliest.

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