Loki: The true villain of the MCU show revealed along with a very shocking theory that will surprise the audiences

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    The last episode of Loki has revealed a huge shocking theory at the end. One of which was that the feared Time-keepers are not the guardians of the Sacred Timeline but mere androids. But there arises then who is behind the whole Time Variance Authority thing? Ravonna Renslayer?

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    An astonishing yet practical theory about Disney+’s MCU shows Loki has disclosed. The theory was glimpsed by and comes from TikTok user DreadPirateDad. According to them, the TVA and Ravonna are not the correct bad guys in the show. The main bad guy is Miss Minutes who was voiced by Tara Strong. Miss Minutes is a clock-shaped AI mascot for TVA who have given summarisation to Loki about his situation, the TVA and its alleged role, the Time-Keepers, and so on. She has also told the God of Mischief about the multiversal war and the dangers of the Sacred Timeline which can be divided into multiple smaller timelines.

    The theory says that it is like the comics, the Time-Keepers exist in fact only at one point in time but are not in charge anymore. Miss Minutes has assumed herself now with Ravonna as her minion. When it becomes too difficult to manage TVA, she has enlisted variants and wiped their memory to run the organization by proxy.

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    The Twist would not be of much-surprised one, but we have seen AI villains many times before in science-fiction. It has shown us the mirror view of humanity’s fear of AI and what it can do if it gains sentience and goes out of whack.

    When the series has left with only two episodes, in the last episode we would see Loki has been ‘pruned’ which we have assumed meant dead. But he has found himself in another dimension where he has encountered three variants of himself. They told to him that he would die if he did not come with them.

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