Lionel Messi gets trolled by Atlanta United following his viral pizza order

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    Following the defeat of Inter Miami to Atlanta United, Lionel Messi’s pizza order went viral, which led the United club to troll the MLS footballer. They made fun of him for his odd pizza decision. Tata Martino decided not to play the Argentine after discovering that he had suffered a minor injury while representing Argentina in World Cup qualification. The Herons’ most recent MLS match ended in a dismal 5-2 road loss since they were without their talismanic attacker. Atlanta United decided to poke some banter at Lionel Messi after their win. They made fun of his pizza choice. A picture of which he uploaded on his social media.

    Lionel Messi trolled for his pizza order by Atlanta United

    The club, alongside making fun of Lionel Messi, also made fun of Miami on social media after the final whistle. The team’s account quickly posted, “Tell ’em to bring the whole squad next time,” following the referee’s final whistle. A little while later, their Spanish-language account made fun of Messi by utilising his online presence against him.

    Hours before the game, Messi was seen eating a pizza from Bancheros Miami. This pizza had a base covered with chopped tomatoes, onions, and olives. This was a clue that he wouldn’t be joining the team. Online reviewers criticised the cuisine for having a glaring lack of cheese or pizza sauce on the foundation. Instead, there were numerous green olives and tomatoes that had been cut.

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    Atlanta had fun with the toppings, rearranging them to form an ‘L’ on the pizza to symbolise Inter Miami’s defeat on the pitch. The translated Spanish caption says, “Here you have your pizza for the trip.”

    During a presentation, a demonstration showed how sports scores might be delivered to a user’s notifications using the device’s Dynamic Island function. They used the hypothetical case of Lionel Messi scoring in the eighth minute of a match against Atlanta as their example.

    Atlanta created a message that showed the final score from Saturday’s game using a screenshot from the presentation. With seven league games remaining after that defeat, Inter Miami are now seven points out of the final playoff spot.

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    Fans also criticising Messi

    Messi fans are also criticising their favourite for placing an order for the “worst pizza ever seen”. The way it appeared scared the supporters. It looked more like a dish prepared in a healthy eating class than a fried wheel of dough dripping with cheese and pork. Tomato slices, olives, onions, and other toppings were all spread evenly on the little base. And Lionel Messi’s fans immediately dubbed his dinner as the “worst pizza ever seen.”

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