Lionel Messi Becomes a Free Agent

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    It is now fully confirmed that the Argentine legend, Lionel Messi has left his club, where he has been from the beginning of his career, Barcelona FC, and has become a free agent. It is a piece of news that no Barca fans or even Messi fans would ever love to hear, but unfortunately, it happened.

    On 1st July 2021, LM10’s contract with Barca, where he joined as a teenager, expired, and Messi himself announced that he entering the market as a free agent.

    Barca remains confident in Messi

    Though his contract ended on July 1st, and he joined the market as a free agent, that doesn’t signify anything. Barcelona is very much confident in Messi and knows him well. They stated that Messi will surely renew the contract with them, and play for Barca, at least for 2 seasons more.

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    However, they also didn’t deny that the options of the present condition are primarily far from the ideal. Such a statement from Barcelona has made the whole world of football fans much confused upon Messi’s return to Barca. At least it hints at a sort of ambiguity in the intentions of Messi that lack convictions.

    LM 10 at Present

    With his birthday on 24thth June, Lionel Messi is now 34 years of age. Also, he is not the same player, as he was on his best time, some years ago. He is the current captain of the Argentine National Team and is leading the nation in Copa America.

    Despite his age, he is still presenting his class in the tournament by delivering three goals and two assists, out of his four appearances. He also presented himself wonderfully in the last season he played for Barcelona FC where he netted 30 goals, and performed eleven assists, out of his 35 appearances.

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