Lewis Hamilton emerges victoriously at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

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    Formula One legend Lewis Hamilton beats young blood Max Verstappen at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix to mark his name on the title, after some controversial and chaotic scenes. This year’s Saudi Arabian GP had one of the most dramatic scenes, where the race was stopped twice and had three starts with extraordinary series of events between the title contenders.

    Lewis Hamilton, in the end, secured the win despite he crashed into the back of Verstappen’s car at a particular point in the race. Verstappen had to cede a position to the Mercedes driver, Hamilton, twice, that he had gained illegally.

    The Dramatic Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

    The collision ultimately ended with the two top drivers heading into the last race of the season. In the defining moment, the Dutch driver, Verstappen was ordered to hand the lead to the F1 legend, Lewis Hamilton with the reason he had held by forcing Hamilton off the track at Turn One with 13 laps yet to be finished.

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    However, the thing didn’t happen initially. After Red Bull was asked to give the lead to Hamilton’s Mercedes, Verstappen slowed down initially then and went to the last corner, the Briton ran into the back of him damaging his front wing. Both the drivers continued the same until Verstappen finally handed over the six-lap lead later on.

    Debate on Verstappen’s way of Driving

    There will certainly revive a serious debate on the way how Max Verstappen drives. He may be a champion F1 driver, but it will be seen that the way he drives is whether fair or not. Verstappen always refuses to back down in incidents related to wheel-to-wheel, even when the other F1 drivers would see their rival had emerged victorious in the corner. It is to be seen what consequences arise next.

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