Katie Ledecky makes new world record in 1,500m freestyle

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    American swimmer Katie Ledecky has made a new world record in the 1,500m freestyle event at the FINA Swimming World Cup in Toronto. She bet the previous world record by 10 seconds which is considered to be a huge margin. She presented an incredible performance on the World Cup stage where performing at full capacity ends in nervousness for many athletes.

    Sarah Wellbrock was the previous record holder who registered a time of 15:18.01, and Katie Ledecky made the new one by having a span of almost 10 seconds with the new time of 15:08.24 seconds. The record has come to be more impressive because it came a day after her defeat against Summer Mcintosh in the World Cup but in the 400-meter freestyle. Katie Ledecky was indeed very glad that she was able to bounce back in such a stupendous way.

    Katie Ledecky in this regard

    Katie Ledecky said in this regard, she knew that the record was within reach just based on the same things she has done in the training, and especially her distance stuff as it felt indeed really good this fall so she felt locked into the pace.

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    Besides being the new world record holder in this event, Ledecky also holds another world record for his covering distance in an Olympic pool that was set 4 years back in 2018, registering a time of 15:20.48 which is also impressive indeed. The record which she established on Saturday was the first world record that the American swimmer made in a short-course pool.

    There have been many compliments on Katie Ledecky that how fast she actually is so that she was able to beat the previous world record by a massive span of literally 10 seconds to register her new one.

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