A miracle! Karim Benzema might recover from injury and play in the World Cup

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    Karim Benzema has technically recovered from his injury and there are speculations already suggesting the striker can appear in the World Cup 2022 for the France national side, as the reports suggest!

    Karim Benzema to play in the 2022 Qatar World Cup with France?

    After being injured and leaving the concentration for his national team, the 2022 Ballon d’Or winner had communicated with the coach Didier Deschamps already, on his return. 

    Earlier, after his injury news came out, it was thought to be the end of his dream to play in the current World Cup. However, the national team didn’t eliminate him from the squad, nor did they name any replacement in his place. 

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    Now, the reports suggest that if he’s fully recovered, he can appear in the World Cup. FIFA regulations support it totally.

    Where is the Real Madrid striker now?

    Currently, Karim Benzema is in Madrid, awaiting the doctor’s approval to head to Qatar for a concluding test with the French doctors. 

    Just before the start of the World Cup, the star striker had some discomfort during training. After medical tests, it was confirmed that he had an injury on his left thigh which will need a prolonged span of three weeks to get better. 

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    After this, Benzema got back to Madrid and focused on his recovery session which seems to have been going great and rumors about him returning to the national side in World Cup are getting stronger. 

    Karim Benzema’s recently shared picture on social media showcases a picture of him in the gym on an exercise bike, captioned, “Nine.”

    It would be a wonderful treat for the fans if Benzema is back with a bang and gets to play in the World Cup. Will it happen for real? We need to stay tuned to find out.

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