Angry Juventus fans have canceled their TV subscriptions in protest

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    Reports state that millions of Juventus supporters have canceled their TV Sports subscriptions, including Sky and DAZN, in protest against their club’s deduction of 15 points. An Italian court docked the Serie A giants with 15 points, with was the process of an investigation into their transfer dealings that also witnessed Fabio Paratici, the Tottenham chief, in a two-and-a-half-year ban for his work.

    And in response to this event, a huge number of Juventus supporters have halted their two TV channels DANZ and Sky, with the significant motive of protesting against this decision. This action by the supporters can give the broadcasters a huge loss of around 136 million pounds in turnover if the number of cancellation of TV sports subscriptions reach 500,000.

    Call to dock 15 points to Juventus

    The sensational call to dock Juventus with 15 points was made by the Federal Prosecutor’s office, handing out the fines only to the other clubs that were involved in this regard. According to an Italian report, if the cancellation of these subscriptions in millions of households do not stop, then unprecedented financial abyss will certainly be a matter of time. It will be something new, that the Italian football has never witnessed.

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    Huge loss coming the way

    Sources state that crica 275 dollars is earned from an average slinge subscriber till the season goes on. And with close to 5 hundred thousand cancellations in TV subscriptions signifies that the companies would certainly face a loss of almost Huge loss coming the way136 million pounds.

    Sources also verify that the present Italian football federation report indicates that nearly 50% of the total revenue of the broadcasters come from these subscriptions. Hence fans boycotting this team, will indeed burn the whole Serie A system up. It is to be seen what happens in the recent times.

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