John Terry is back at Premier League for Chelsea

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    John George Terry is back at English Premier League after taking up the consultancy role for Chelsea. John Terry appeared for 717 games for Chelsea and is considered as one of the greatest players of the club. The club said on Wednesday that Terry will work with the coaching staff and other players in the youth development program.

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    Chelsea on John Terry

    Chelsea FC also stated that as well as delivering on-field coaching, their former club will contribute to coaching discussions with mentor academy players and other colleagues and also support parent dialogue.

    The news of the return of John Terry was disclosed first by the club itself when they said on Twitter that John Terry is returning to Cobham to begin a coaching consultancy role at the Chelsea Academy.

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    Terry for Chelsea

    Terry has spent several years for Chelsea and has contributed a lot on various occasions including Premier League, EFL Cup, UFEA Champions League and all.

    At present, John Terry taking up a new role for his former club is to be seen how he performs. There are millions of expectations set for John Terry coming back to the club with a new role, and fans are generally expecting him to do well.

    John Terry has said in this regard that he is coming home and has taken up a consultancy role for Chelsea. As well as delivering on-field coaching sessions, he will be involved in various coaching discussions as well as mentoring the Chelsea academy players he added.

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    Starting Next Month

    John Terry retired from playing professional football in 2018. Following that, the secured some coaching experience at Aston Villa as an assistant manager for 3 years, from 2018 to 2021. He will be starting his new role as a coach from the next month, in January.

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