John Cena: Top 5 famous moves of the WWE star including the Attitude Adjustment

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    John Cena is a noted name in the wrestling world. The wrestler-turned-actor and former rapper is currently signed to the WWE he signed in 2001. He has registered 16-time world champion and bagged the WWE championship 13 times. Other rewards in his cabinet include a three-time World Heavyweight Championship, five-time United States Champion, one-time Money in the Bank winner, and a two-time Royal Rumble champion. 

    Let us list out the five special moves of John Cena, including the Attitude Adjustment.

    John Cena: Top 5 special moves of the famous WWE star

    1: Attitude Adjustment

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    The Attitude Adjustment move has had a great impact on Cena’s career. Performing this move needed him to pick up the opponent and flip his head first into his back.

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    2: STF- Stepover Toehold Facelock 

    John Cena and his legendary submission move have a separate fan base. Performing it required him to grab one of the opponent’s legs, whose lying face down on the mat. Cena then places the ankle of the opponent between his thighs. He has used this move to bag many of his world championships.

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    3: Five Knuckle Shuffle 

    This is one of his favourite moves and a fan favourite! The move precedes with Cena saying, “You can’t see me!”


    4: Fisherman Suplex 

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    Also known as the leg hook Suplex, the performing wrestler hooks the opponent’s near leg behind his (opponent’s) knee with their arm and gets backward, flipping the opponent into their back.

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    5: Sunset Flip Powerbomb 

    Here’s another massive one! An incredible move; it had the power to change the match pace instantly. To perform it, Cena would bend over and place his opponent in standing head scissors. 

    Such stunning moves! Which of these moves do you like the most?

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