Italy and Saudi Arabia are likely to have a joint bid for the 2030 World Cup

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    Only two World Cups away from now, i.e. for the 2030 FIFA World Cup, the bidding process has begun, and many nations have thrown their names on that list. With many names among thousands, Italy and Saudi Arabia are likely to have a joint bid for the same, in the world cup of 2030.

    The Probable Favorites

    After the EURO 2020 final, at the Wembley stadium, Portugal and Spain were the favorites for the global event of 2030, but they probably won’t be able to host due to certain issues. Sources verify that surprisingly, Saudi Arabia is working on having a joint bid with Italy, who are the recent champions of the EURO Cup, to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

    Records of Joint Bids

    In football history, joint bids have in these cases been successful. It was when Mexico, United States, and Canada hosted the same event back in 2006. It has to see that, how good Italy and Saudi Arabia make it.

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    Saudi Arabia’s Strategy

    Hosting the world’s largest event is not a child’s play. And to be in charge of this, Saudi Arabia has to make huge infrastructure developments and improve security facilities as well. In this perspective, they will certainly think of having a partnership with someone. And standing at the present ground, there’s no one better than the Azzurri.

    Italy has hosted 4 international football tournaments till now, and they have had to spend very little on their stadium infrastructure since the World Cup of 1990. Hence, this is the place where Saudi Arabia could step in and make its plan successful. Besides, Saudi Arabia has proven to be a good place to host events. They have organized numerous sporting events, in the last few years as well.

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