iOS 16: Here are the Top 5 Best Features for the Latest Updates 

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    After waiting for a long time iOS has launched iOS 16, and it’s now available to download, the new version definitely featured many incredible features and makes the iPhone more precious and attractive.

    For a few people iOS 16 could prove itself as an overwhelming update as this is the first time ever that Apple is providing the user full control over their Lock Screen, and it’s a big matter for the users. We have become here to discuss 5 new features of iOS. 


    iOS 16:  New Lock Screen 

    After downloading iOS 16 for the first time, just tape and hold on to the lock screen and you will directly come into the edit view. You can able to choose the wallpaper, select the color style, the font, and color of the information that’s shown on the Lock Screen, and more. From this update, things will be on your hand as to how creative you can able to get this feature. You can also create several lock screens, just tap and hold on to the Lock Screen, swipe left, and after that click on the giant and unmissable + button. There are several screens for many occasions.   

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    iOS 16: Live Text or Video 

    In the new iOS 16, the users will get the cool feature in iOS 16 that can allow you to copy text from images!! Yes, you are hearing right and can picture that again for the video. The Live Text recently works with video and if you desire to get a string of text from the video and save it ay somewhere else for later, then you can completely do it with iOS 16. 

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    iOS 16: Lock Screen Widgets 

    In this, you will get such small widgets on the lock screen. They are extremely handy and provide you with a quick glimpse of things glimpses of the things as calendars, activity rings, battery life for the Airpods, weather, and many more. You will get a lot to select from with the wide array of them with the disposal. 

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    iOS 16: Edit and Delete Texts from Message 

    If the user sent any such embarrassing message that needs to be edited or deleted, iOS 16 is for you. You need to tap and hold on the text you wish to edit or delete and then click on the delete or Undo Send. The limitation of this feature is, that there is a limited period of time for this. You can able to send or delete a text within 2 minutes of sending it. 

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    Fitness App, the fitness app contains for a long time, if you have an Apple smartwatch then, then you can track your calories, steps, and many more in order to get your goals. This feature is really very unique and limited, it’s one of the best ways to keep the track of daily activity. 

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