Intel unveils new software to accelerate 5G

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    What is the future of Intel software that we use?

    In MWC 2021 virtual event, Intel showcased several innovative network implementations driven by its technology and launched Intel network platform. It announced the addition of 5G and edge product portfolio, reaffirming its position as a leading supplier of network chips. The company’s leadership in virtual radio access networks (vRAN.) and almost all commercial vRAN deployments are based on Intel technology.

    In the next few years, the scale of global vRAN base station deployment, ranging from hundreds to thousands and eventually reaching millions.

    Network transformation is critical to unlocking the possibilities of 5G. Maximizing leveraged growth to create new and better business results for Intel’s global customers. As a leading supplier of network chips, Intel has promoted this transformation, virtualizing the core to access the edge. The ten-year experience to implement edge computing capabilities to promote the digital revolution of the society.

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    Moreover, operators need more agile and flexible infrastructure to unlock the full potential of 5G. The edge as they meet the growing network demands of more connected devices. The digitalization of our world is creating new opportunities for the potential of 5G, edge, AI and cloud to reshape industries. Moreover, survey of 511 people of IT decision-makers, 5G technology is essential for the pace of innovation.

    Lastly with Intel’s extensive feature-rich chips and optimized software solution portfolio, the company stimated $65 billion edge chip opportunity by 2025. Intel technology has been deployed in more than 35,000 end-customer edge deployments.

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