Intel Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake specifications leaked Online

    The specifications of Intel’s 14th Gen and 15th Gen desktop CPUs were leaked, according to an internal chart. According to earlier reports, Intel is getting ready to release a new socket called “V” that will support at least two desktop CPU generations, the Meteor Lake-S and Arrow Lake-S. Although this socket will have extra pins and support for new/improved features, its dimensions will be fairly comparable to those of the current LGA 1700/1800 socket.

    The 14th Gen Meteor Lake-S Desktop CPUs from Intel appear to be taking a step back and reducing the amount of P-Cores while maintaining the number of E-Cores, according to the stolen slides. Five distinct SKU combinations are included in the lineup shown in the charts, with the highest variations offering up to 22 cores in a mix of 6 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores. The E-Cores on the Meteor Lake CPUs will use the Crestmont architecture, while the P-Cores are based on the brand-new Redwood Cove architecture. According to a few days ago’s Coelacanth-Dream report, both of these represent new and enhanced architecture.

    credit: wccftech

    Along with the SKUs, we now know that every SKU will have at least 4 Xe Cores for the iGPU, which will provide 64 Execution Units or 512 ALUs. This is 2 Xe Cores less than the lowest-tier discrete board in the family, the Arc A310 graphics card, but an integrated GPU with this much power will be on par with or even superior to the RDNA 2 iGPU on AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Desktop CPUs. The remaining die configurations will only be available in the basic “Non-K” and “T” series with 65W and 35W TDPs, with the top die configuration having a 125W “Unlocked” SKU range.

    Finally, the 15th Gen Intel Arrow Lake-S desktop CPUs will have the same 24 cores as the current Raptor Lake CPUs. Up to 24 cores—a combination of 8 Performance Cores and 16 Efficiency Cores—will be used by the Arrow Lake-S top die.

    With the Arrow Lake-S series, the top 24 core die are present in every configuration, and the only variation is the TDP. These dies will probably be used to produce SKUs with fewer cores. The four Xe Cores from the Meteor Lake range appear to have been kept by Intel as well, but we anticipate that they will come with a brand-new Arc graphics architecture. While the 15th Gen Arrow Lake CPUs will use a TSMC 3nm graphics architecture, the 14th Gen Meteor Lake chips are based on a TSMC 5nm GPU design.

    credit: wccftech

    Intel stated that development on its Intel 4 and Intel 3 devices is doing very well at its most recent investors call. While Intel 3 is anticipated to begin early production by the end of 2023, the 14th Gen Meteor Lake production stepping is set to be delivered this quarter with a volume ramp.

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