India may soon lift its ban on TikTok and BGMI

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    It appears like TikTok will soon return to India. Additionally, BGMI might make its eagerly anticipated return to the nation. For TikTok Music, ByteDance recently filed a trademark application. For those who don’t know, ByteDance is the parent company of TikTok. It will now be interesting to see if TikTok Music can compete with Spotify and Apple Music. It appears that TikTok is getting ready to return to India in the interim.

    Recall that TikTok was banned by the Indian government in 2020. 58 apps were also prohibited at the time in the nation. To open the door for TikTok’s re-entry in India, ByteDance has been preparing. The business was getting ready to partner with a business in Mumbai to help the streaming service return to the nation in June. The return of TikTok to India has now been announced by Shiva Nandy, CEO of Skyesports.

    Notably, the ban on TikTok in India may soon be lifted by the Indian government.

    Sources claim that TikTok would soon make a noteworthy reappearance in India. Additionally, the recently outlawed online multiplayer battle royale game BGMI will return in India. In an Instagram Story, Nandy declared that “freedom” is just around the corner. It’s interesting to note that the announcement occurred soon after BGMI vanished from India’s Google Play Store and App Store.

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    Recap: At the time, remarks had been made by Krafton and Google. Nandy claims that the prohibition of BGMI in India was not an impulsive choice. He said it was a carefully considered decision, according to a SportsKeeda story. Sadly, he withheld more information about easing the prohibition. The timing and mode of TikTok and BGMI’s return to India are thus yet unknown. To facilitate its return to the nation, TikTok is allegedly in talks with Hiranandani Group.

    The BGMI prohibition in India has proven to be a major setback for the nation’s burgeoning esports scene. The game isn’t yet illegal in the nation, though. According to Nandy, the Indian government has just issued an interim order. Unfortunately, it’s still unclear exactly when BGMI and TikTok will return to India.

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