IND vs SA 2nd Test – India’s Trifecta Triumph: Mastering 2-Day Tests and Breaking Records 

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    IND vs SA 2nd Test: In a cricketing spectacle that left fans in awe, the Indian cricket team achieved an extraordinary feat by winning the shortest Test match against South Africa in Newlands. This historic victory completes India’s trifecta of 2-day Test match wins, highlighting their prowess in the format.

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    Let’s have a look into more details : IND vs SA 2nd Test – India’s Trifecta Triumph

    India’s Trifecta: 2-Day Test Matches

    India’s journey in the world of 2-day Test matches began in their home conditions, and the recent triumph in Newlands marks the completion of a rare trifecta. The record books now boast three instances where India clinched victory within two days, showcasing their dominance and adaptability across diverse conditions.

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    The Triumphant Timeline

    IND vs SA 2nd Test, Newlands – 3 Jan 2024

    India secured a historic win in the shortest completed Test match, lasting only 642 balls. This triumph not only leveled the series but also set a new benchmark in Test cricket.

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    IND vs ENG Test, Ahmedabad – 24 Feb 2021

    India’s second 2-day Test win occurred against England in Ahmedabad, where they bundled out the opposition in 140.2 overs, underlining their prowess in home conditions.

    IND vs AFG Test, Bengaluru – 14 Jun 2018

    The journey began in 2018, with India registering their first 2-day Test win against Afghanistan in Bengaluru, completing the trifecta on their home turf.

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    Dominating Newlands: IND vs SA 2nd Test

    India’s triumphant comeback in the second Test against South Africa at Newlands showcased their resilience and dominance. After a challenging Boxing Day Test, the Indian team bounced back, winning the match by 7 wickets in the shortest Test match ever recorded.

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    Key Moments

    Mohammed Siraj’s six-fer in the first innings restricted Proteas to a mere 55 runs. Aiden Markram’s century for South Africa in a losing cause added a touch of brilliance to the match. Jasprit Bumrah’s impactful six-fer in the second innings dismantled the Proteas’ batting lineup.

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    Breaking Records

    India’s win in the IND vs SA 2nd Test not only secured a series-levelling victory but also shattered a 92-year-old record for the shortest Test match by balls bowled. India’s remarkable achievement in just 642 balls surpassed Australia’s record of 656 balls set in 1932 against South Africa.

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    1. How many 2-day Test victories has India achieved so far?

      India has achieved three 2-day Test victories.

    2. Where did India secure their recent 2-day Test victory?

      India secured their recent 2-day Test victory in Newlands, South Africa.

    3. When did India complete their trifecta of 2-day Test wins?

      India completed their trifecta on January 3, 2024, in the 2nd Test against South Africa.

    4. Which record did India break with their recent 2-day Test win?

      India broke a 92-year-old record for the shortest Test match by balls bowled.

    As India completes their trifecta of 2-day Test match wins, cricket enthusiasts marvel at their adaptability, resilience, and sheer brilliance on the field. The Newlands victory, etched in statistical glory, cements India’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with in Test cricket. The cricketing world eagerly awaits more chapters in India’s Test match odyssey, filled with records, triumphs, and the unyielding spirit of the Indian cricket team.

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