Here is the list of Top selling iPhones of All Time

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    Apple’s product iPhone has always been a topic of interest among users. It will be exciting to know if the favourite iPhone may not be the most used iPhone across the world. We have made a list based on the sailing of the iPhone product.

    The users may think that the current iPhones have been used chiefly and take the top of the list. There is the contrary as the newer models made way for the older iPhones in the history of Apple iPhones sales.

    Here is the list of best-selling iPhones:

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    5. The iPhone 12

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    This latest iPhone 12 is mainly the current best-selling product of iPhone in history. The sailing per5formance of the phone is seriously very high, with over 100 million units by April 2021. It has also taken j12 months to come to this point and had been done this two months earlier than the iPhone 11 series.  It has been known that the reincarnation of the iPhone 4’s physical form like the first Phone to be available with 5G technology.

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    4. The iPhone 6s

    This iPhone 6s has also made a pretty good impression after the introduction. It has been created like an upgraded and updated version of the most popular rose gold iPhone 6, and very soon, it will become one of the most sold-out iPhone products. It has sold over 124.5 million units worldwide.

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    3. The iPhone 5

    The user’s review of the iPhone 5 is immensely very good as it has come at the time while the demand for iPhones with more giant screens has been trended and changed by the iPhone 5. It has sold over two million units just within  24 hours of pre-order sales, and in the first three days, it has been sold over 5 million.

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    2. The iPhone  5s

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    This iPhone is the second best-selling Apple product with 163.7 million units sold. The feature of the iPhone is a 4.0-inch display, 8MP camera, and having the internal storage of 64 GB. This iPhone had the first time exposed fingerprint access on a smartphone that provides security over biometrics.

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    1. The iPhone 6

    This iPhone 6 is Apple’s one of the most uses products. This symbolic iPhone rose with the gold introduction into the market to be gr4anted users access to breakthrough technology.  It is lighter with a 4.7-inch LCD screen, 128GB maximum storage, and also has a fingerprint scanner. It was launched in 2014. This iPhone 6uis seriously very in demand as the price of the unit goes for Rs. 15000. Three areas with no iPhone have matched this record.

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