Head of Meta acknowledges various difficulties with the app’s quality

    According to the sources, even people at Meta who are developing the virtual reality (VR) social network apparently hardly use its flagship metaverse product because of its numerous quality problems.

    Difficulties in the Meta App’s Quality

    Based on a report from the sources stating that the internal memos claim that the current iteration of the VR social network, termed “Horizon Worlds,” offers little potential. The metaverse team will reportedly remain in a “quality lockdown” for the remainder of the year to make sure that they address the performance and quality concerns before they open up Horizon to additional users, according to Vishal Shah, Meta’s VP of Metaverse. He claimed that an experience must first be practical and well-made in order to become enjoyable and memorable.

    Head of Meta acknowledges various difficulties with the app's quality
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    Mark Zuckerberg was obliged to upload updated screenshots of himself on Facebook and Instagram in August as a result of jokes about his shoddy metaverse avatar.

    The same month, Zuckerberg stepped up his $10 billion metaverse ambition, and Vivek Sharma, the vice president of Indian descent for the Horizon social media virtual reality (VR) platform, left. Shah is now the team leader for Sharma.

    Head of Meta acknowledges various difficulties with the app's quality
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    In an internal memo, Shah stated that the current consensus among developers, users, playtesters, and many team members is that there are currently too many bugs, stability problems, and papercuts to allow the community to fully appreciate Horizon’s enchantment.

    About the Horizon World

    In the collaborative VR experience Horizon Worlds, you can create your own custom worlds, explore new locations with others, and join teams to play action-packed games. Only the company’s Quest VR headsets are currently compatible with the Horizon Worlds social metaverse platform. Share said that their analytics for “dogfooding” Horizon plainly demonstrate that many of us don’t spend much time there.

    He continued that why don’t they use the thing they created all the time because they adore it so much? The truth is, how can they expect the users to appreciate it if they don’t? The company came up with a plan to mandate that its personnel use Horizon at least once a week in order to “keep managers accountable.” In another memo, it was said that everyone in the company should aim to become infatuated with Horizon Worlds.

    Head of Meta acknowledges various difficulties with the app's quality
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    According to a representative for the company, the business is certain that the metaverse will shape computing in the future and that it should be designed with people at its center. Recently, Zuckerberg said that Horizon and avatar graphics would soon be receiving significant upgrades.

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