HBO Max is renamed as Max – All You Need to Know in 2023

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    HBO Max has revealed its new name, as well as a slew of upcoming content, ahead of the service’s rebranding. According to IGN, Warner Bros. Discovery plans to relaunch HBO Max as simply Max. The rebranded service will reportedly launch in May or June, offering a mix of Discovery+ and HBO Max content.

    Subscribers will also have tiered options, one of which will be similar to HBO Max’s current $16 per month model. While the redesigned streaming service will continue to offer HBO Max titles like House of the Dragon and The Last of Us, it will also introduce Discovery shows like Fixer Upper and Property Brothers for fans of the latter’s less scripted offerings.

    HBO Max was reported to be considering a name change as well as merging content within the Warner Bros.

    Discovery brand in December 2022, with the possibility of being reviewed by the company’s legal team at the time. Following the launch of HBO Max’s successor, Discovery+ decided to remain its independent streaming service a couple of months later.

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    These changes have coincided with other significant shifts within the company in recent months regarding how it offers its properties to viewers. Warner Bros. Discovery and Amazon announced a partnership in January 2023 to make HBO content available through Prime Video as part of the “Warner Pass.”

    The service was reportedly planned to be tested in France, and it came with free access to HBO’s The Last of Us for Prime Video subscribers. Soon after, Warner Bros. Discovery collaborated with TBS and TNT to air edited episodes of fan favorites Silicon Valley and True Blood on the latter networks.

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