Harry Potter Return to Hogwarts: A Synopsis of The Reunion Brings Back the Central Cast Members

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    Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, the HBO Max’s reunion special is streaming in India on Amazon Prime. Franchises have a long habit of overusing elements that ruin them. The HBO special imparts a fine blend of emotion and nostalgia without misusing any single element. For one hour and a half, the special has been successful in recreating the beautiful memories of the movies and books and more significantly how life looked like about two decades ago.

    Harry Potter Return to Hogwarts Recreates the True Power of Nostalgia

    The reunion special gracefully covers the nostalgic entities that find a gradual way through the fan’s hearts. After hearing Emma Watson‘s brittle voice in the special, fans would not only be reminded of her dignified performance as Hermione Granger but also of the scent of clean ink on paper! Right from the beginning till now, there won’t be any Potterhead, whose winter evenings don’t pass with the strong urge to read through Rowling’s writing.

    There can be a few instances where the fan might have forgotten Harry Potter’s importance in their lives. However, something that shapes the personality, can’t be overlooked for long! After watching the Harry Potter Reunion, fans would find themselves seamlessly finishing sentences that they have heard many times before.

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    The Harry Potter special works like magic and viewing the central trio back on screen again renders an immense pleasure among the fans. Many youths, who grew up watching this legendary saga might have forgotten what magic looked like and been carried away in the flow of this nonstop world, engulfed in a pandemic for the last one and a half years. The loss of innocence was evident and that is where the reunion special has created magic to bring them back to the good old days!

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