Harry Kane is willing to make his Bayern Munich debut on Saturday

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    The ‘Harry Kane soap opera’ seems to draw a curtain on it soon. The Tottenham forward is set to be the costliest signing in Bayern Munich’s history, who will pay 100 million euros, including 20 million in add-ons. 

    There have been more than a month of negotiation where Daniel Levy rejected up to three Bavarian offers for the English striker now behind. 

    Harry Kane to undergo a medical checkup

    Their claim is, “The decision is 50-50″. They claimed it in Germany, saying Harry Kane was ecstatic with Ange Postecoglou’s arrival on the Spurs beach. 

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    Nothing could be away from the truth. Rather, it was a contractual economic issue between Harry Kane and Tottenham. The negotiations between the club itself and the player’s entourage on the conclusion of his contract went on through the night, and eventually, an agreement could be reached.  

    Now, everything is set for Kane to sign his new deal with Bayern until 2027. The 30-year-old Munich star Kane is expected to travel to Munich on Friday to take a medical test and be present. 

    When Kane was at the airport in London, more alternations were requested from the Spurs. Harry Kane is waiting for confirmation from Levy. He is currently in the United States, and the time distance between the two is delaying the finalization of the contract. 

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    Credits: The Telegraph

    He is interested in playing his debut game on Saturday

    Sky Sports Germany is willing to move a step ahead. They claim that Kane, in case things are okay after the medical test, is interested in making his debut on Saturday against RB Leipzig in the German Super Cup. 

    There are no doubts that he is in form. In his last game for Tottenham against Shakhtar Donetsk where, the former won 5-1. Kane cantered four goals with an outstanding display. 

    To feature at the Allianz Arena, Kane must be registered by 2 pm UK time on Saturday. 

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    Around 3 pm on Friday, he was confirmed by the club that his transfer to Munich is now confirmed, and he’s eligible to travel for the medical. The initial fee for the deal between Tottenham and Munich is €86m, and the inclusions take it to close to €100m, which is a record Bayern and Bundesliga fee. 

    On Friday, Bayern boss Thomas Tuchel said, 

    “We are trying to get the captain of the English National team out of England, out of the Premier League. That says it all. It is a huge deal we are working on l, a huge signature that we are working on, but we are still in the process.”

    Postecoglou’ in his press conference on Friday, had said, 

    “I had a conversation with Harry the first day I arrived, he was upfront and honest, and I was the same.” 

    In the press conference, Postecoglou mentioned that the English captain’s transfer was “imminent.”

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