Google TV starts a celeb-curated series, Watch With Me

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    Now, Google TV provides a new series with celebrity curated shows and movies

    Google TV apparently acknowledged our collective content fatigue and announced a new celebrity-curated series to watch with me. The company announced that the Watch With Me series will focus on series and movies loved by artists and animators. In addition to “Watch with Me” showing celebrities’ favorite movies, the series will also interview these curators. This will help to understand why they manually select specific titles as features.

    Celebrities and artists will manually choose their favorite titles to help you find content worth watching.
    Google TV algorithm is pretty good at displaying relevant titles. However, the idea is to allow these hosts to specifically inspire them through a series of movies to guide users. The hub is another place to find cool stuff, and the added context of each movie. It can help introduce users to titles that might have been missed on the platform.

    Google TV is not the first company to highlight the title with a celebrity center. HBO Max uses this format to highlight the favorites of celebrities such as Galgadot and Zach Schneider, and YouTube has conducted similar experiments with this format.

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    The new Google TV series will start with a series chosen by actress Laverne Cox, who has chosen films such as Moonlight, The Color Purple, Pretty in Pink and The Matrix, as well as other groundbreaking films. Google said that users will see the watchlist “in the next few days”, and when you have it, you can find it in the For You section of the platform.

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