God of War Ragnarok: Here are all the changes brought in the New Game+ Mode

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    The epic conclusion to Kratos and Atreus’ Norse adventure couldn’t be replayed right away because God of War Ragnarok, like its predecessor, was released without a New Game+ mode. However, the New Game Plus mode offers a wealth of intriguing new features for fans of the long-running franchise, so the wait was well worth it.

    The New Game Plus modes in PlayStation-exclusive games typically are quite good, and God of War Ragnarok is no exception. There is a tonne of new content available, such as several new armor sets and tougher variations of some of the game’s most difficult boss fights. Players will soon discover, however, that this is only the beginning.

    The good news is that almost all of the player’s gear, including all of their armor and even their Draupnir spear, transfers over into God of War Ragnarok’s New Game Plus mode. The Draupnir spear must first be unlocked in Chapter 10 before players can access those areas, and they also won’t have immediate access to Sonic and Hex arrows. Kill Labors and Ratatasks will also be carried over, along with skills and enchantments.

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    In God of War Ragnarok’s New Game+ mode, players can unlock a variety of all-new armor sets, just like in the previous God of War game.

    These consist of the Spartan, Ares, and Zeus sets that are back as well as the Black Bear Armor that Kratos dons in the game’s prologue. The first two sets can be acquired from any of the game’s workshops using Hacksilver, while the latter will be unlocked by default. They must defeat Valkyrie Queen Gna and some of the other Asgardian Remnants to obtain the Zeus armor set.

    Additionally, players will be able to obtain a brand-new shield honoring Kratos’ Spartan heritage. The Spartan Aspis shield and some new color schemes for some of the game’s existing armor sets can both be purchased from the Huldra brothers using Hacksilver. Although it takes a little more work, players must defeat the Berserker King in NG+ mode to transmog the Berserker Armor.

    To increase the difficulty of the game, players can combine the Spartan Armor with a new set of enchantments called Burdens. The majority, however, will probably want to increase rather than decrease their stats, in which case they should defeat Berserker Souls to obtain some of the new stat-boosting enchantments or open Nornir Chests to obtain more Yggdrasil Dew.

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    God of War Ragnarok is available now for PS4 and PS5.

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