Gianni Infantino announces equal pay for Men’s and Women’s World Cups within four years

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    The president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino has set a target of equal prize money for men and women at World Cups within four years, i.e., by 2027. The Women’s World Cup is said to be getting a 300 per cent increase in the prize money for the present year’s tournament with a total of $150million (£125m) fund that too for the first 32-team tournament. This is going to be a huge boost from the 24-team edition in 2019, and also it will be 10 times what it was in 2015.

    Regarding this, Gianni Infantino himself insisted that around $60m (£50m) should be dedicated to paying players, however at the same time, he wants to close the gap in between the men’s and women’s tournament in the upcoming times.

    This will all over going to be a tough task considering a total of $440m (£365m) was shared by the 32 men’s teams at last year’s World Cup in Qatar that eventually highlights the difference in the pay cut at exists at present. Female players around the globe are fighting for equal pay as well as equal respect with the men’s national teams that also includes Canada, France, Spain and the defending champions, United States.

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    Gianni Infantino in this regard

    The FIFA president while in the regard of equalizing the pay cuts said that Women deserve much much more than that and they are to fight for them as well as with them. He claimed the broadcasters among which some of them are public service channels funded by tax payers, who have offered up to 100 times less for rights to the women’s tournament.

    Though women’s football draw audiences perhaps 20-50% less than for men’s games, however Gianni Infantino while closing remarks to the FIFA Congress said in this perspective that offer them 20% less, 50% less. But not 100% less. That’s why they can’t do it.

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