France beat India in the Junior Hockey World Cup by 3-1

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    France defeated team India in the Junior Hockey World cup by a score of 3-1, where Timothy Clement scored a hat-trick. With this victory of France, they have displaced India to secure the bronze medal and finish third in the competition. Timothy led his nation to glory by scoring 3 consecutive goals. On the other hand, the lone goal scorer for India was Sudeep.

    The goals

    France got the first lead in the 26th minute, with Clement doing the job for his team. He scored the second one soon in 9 minutes, i.e., in the 35th minute and France got a lead of 2-0. Though the game wasn’t out of India’s hand, and they made the scoreboard look a little better when Sudeep scored the first goal for his nation in the 42nd minute.

    The Indians were looking to score an equalizer, however Clement with his magical strike gave his team a 2 goals lead again when he scored the hat-trick at the 48th minute. From that position, India tried but unfortunately couldn’t get back to the game.

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    Performance by France and India

    The match started with tough competition between the two, however, India was a little bit dominant as they showed aggression in the game and gave the France defence a tough time. Araijeet Singh won an early penalty corner, however, the French goalkeeper gave a brilliant save from the drag flick from vice-captain Sanjay.

    Indian goalkeeper Pawan gave some early penalty corner saves, however, couldn’t save the back to back goals scored by Clement. India created a lot of chances, however, most of them didn’t become fruitful. With this match, India finished fourth in the tournament, and France can win a medal, the least being bronze. However, they will look forward to emerging victoriously in the 2021 Men’s Junior Hockey World Cup final defeating their opponent.

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