Foxconn is hanging a new EV plant before Wisconsin

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    iPhone maker Foxconn filed a massive electric car project off Wisconsin

    This occurred after the Foxconn company promised to build a billion-dollar LCD factory, but never materialized. The Taiwanese conglomerate has also been behind arbitrary deadlines in choosing where to build an electric car factory.

    The Taiwanese conglomerate said on Friday that it has started talks with the Wisconsin State Economic Development Corporation (WEDC). They are to produce electric vehicles in most of its open space in the state with Fisker Inc., a start-up company from California.

    In March, Young Liu stated that decision between making electric vehicles in Mexico or Wisconsin will be made before July. However, Foxconn and WEDC agreed to a much smaller tax subsidy program in April. Moreover, it reflected the failure of the LCD project.

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    If Foxconn finally builds electric cars in Wisconsin, this will be another great promise for a state. Foxconn began construction of its Wisconsin factory in 2018. They said it will invest $10 billion to build a 20 million square foot factory for LCD panel production.

    The entire effort should create 13,000 jobs. In return, the company will receive $ 4 billion in tax credits and other incentives from state and local governments. The Mount Pleasant local government demolished the entire block to clear land for the proposed factory.

    But the project has stalled since then. Foxconn strives to achieve the most basic recruitment goals. It invested only 3% of its pledged $10 billion, and the largest permanent facility on the property occupies only 1 million square feet.

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    The company recently agreed to reclassify the building as an official document storage facility.

    According to the media’s report on Friday, the agency cited similar reasons when it rejected the “Milwaukee Sentinel” request for public records of conversations with Foxconn and Fisker.

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