Forspoken: Here’s all about games each edition and the new Trailer

    On January 24, Forspoken will be released for PS5 and PC. It stars Frey, a young woman from modern-day New York who is transported to Athia, a magical and dangerous land. She embarks on a journey to find her way back home, accompanied by a talking bracelet that appears on her arm.

    Forspoken is currently available for preorder from a variety of retailers. It comes in two editions, and depending on where you buy it, you might get a preorder bonus.

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    Forspoken Digital Deluxe Edition



    Forspoken Preorder Bonus

    • Best Buy: Free steelbook case
    • GameStop: Premium character card set
    • PS Store: No Limits Cloak, Symbol Combo Necklace, Trigger Happy Nails, Crafting Starter Kit
    • Steam: Elite Cloak, Spectra Combo Necklace, and Overclock Nails

    In other news, Square Enix has released a cinematic trailer for Forspoken, an upcoming open-world action RPG. Although some of Forspoken’s marketing has been criticised, this latest trailer emphasises the contrast between protagonist Frey Holland’s life in New York City and her magical journey in Athia.

    The latest trailer for Forspoken follows Frey in both her home in New York City and her adventures in Athia, with footage of both cutting back and forth as she is pursued by various threats. Her experience differs in that, while in New York she can only run from the people chasing her, in Athia she can easily fight back against the monsters with great magical powers. By the end of the trailer, she has escaped her original threat by combining her combat and traversal abilities, but she is confronted with another on a much larger scale.

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