F1 French Grand Prix: Six Things to learn!

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    Max Verstappen topped Lewis Hamilton in the F1 French Grand Prix, and Verstappen also strengthens his title bid with his French GP Victory. However, Lewis Hamilton got hurt by the strategy of Mercedes, as he got defeat in the closing laps. They were some mistakes, that Mercedes did earlier, but still, it is a blue moon event, as often they were found themselves performing far ahead of others.

    It is said that the fault in Mercedes is due to the engineering who was looking after it. However mistakes are a part of life, and every single one of them is believed to be growing. And eventually, Hamilton was displaced by Verstappen.

    Keeping this scene in mind, and also the movement at McLaren and the gaping wounds as the talk over on Ferrari, there are some things to be explored at the Grand Pix ceremony.

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    Cracks Appearing at Mercedes

    Mercedes however, lost power after the undercut error, and thus got defeat by Red Bull. The strategic error came in Mercedes when it underestimated the undercut error, and still tried to move on.

    Verstappen is a Deserving Champion

    There had been speculation for long that how far Verstappen can be a threat to Hamlington. However, the race on Sunday probably ended all the speculations and proved that how much worth Verstappen is.

    Bottas tried to put a fight in the much needed time

    Bottas did put up a fight in the race, but couldn’t hold the same effect for long. After all the noise about his future, earlier this weekend, and also the chassis swamps, he performed well at the beginning of the race. He came on third and tailed both Verstappen and Hamilton earlier. Most significantly, after the first round of sops, he was within 1.5 seconds lead, being a great threat in the victory path.

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    Ferrari’s Weakness may not be fixed again

    After the triumph of Baku and Monaco, Ferrari showed up at Paul Richardo, but eventually lost on a fight with McLaren, and came third in the constructor’s championship. It was expected that Ferrari’s form will return in France, but things didn’t go that way. It seemed like it had remedied in Spain a bit hard during the qualifying race drop-off.

    George Russell’s Performance

    Another great thing we came to know in the F1 French Grand Prix is about George Russell’s future and his great possibility to move up to Mercedes next year. He performed brilliantly on Sunday, what is called his best race with Williams, by him, and by many people. He claimed the 12th position in the constructor’s championship.

    Paul Richardo can certainly deliver a good fight in the F1 race

    Paul Richardo did excellent in the race on Sunday and proved how good he can be with cars. It is also believed that if Verstappen didn’t playoff to set up a magnificent grandstand finish, Richardo would likely keep the Mercedes car at the bay. The tire struggles assisted a lot, and overall it was a good weekend for Paul Richardo, slamming away all the criticism that came on his way earlier.

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