The Post-Retirement Fortune: 6 Ex-Footballers Who Transitioned to Mega-Wealth, Including Mathieu Flamini’s £21 Billion Empire and Louis Saha’s £4.3 Billion Net Worth

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    In professional football, the financial rewards are substantial yet fleeting, as players bask in the millions earned from global stints, relishing life’s opulence. However, the distinction between iconic figures like Cristiano Ronaldo and lesser-known players like Mathieu Flamini lies in the ability to navigate the vast fortunes filling their coffers.

    Mathieu Flamini Image Credits WIRED
    Mathieu Flamini, Image Credits- WIRED

    Beyond the staggering on-field earnings, footballers possess the potential to amass unprecedented wealth by judiciously managing their financial portfolios, sometimes venturing into the realm of strategic investments. Surprisingly, some of the sport’s less heralded stars have outshone even the likes of Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe by capitalizing on astute financial decisions.


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    Mathieu Flamini’s: From Arsenal Star to CEO of a £21 Billion Venture

    Mathieu Flamini, the French footballer renowned for his 246 appearances with Arsenal, embarked on a remarkable journey beyond the pitch. In 2008, alongside economics graduate Pasquale Granata, Flamini co-founded ‘GF Biochemicals’ following his departure to AC Milan.

    The venture aimed to revolutionize the energy industry, focusing on producing levulinic acid from wood and corn waste. After substantial investments in research, trials, and infrastructure, the company achieved a groundbreaking feat in 2015 by becoming the first to mass-produce the synthetic oil substitute. The acid found applications in pharmaceuticals, plastics, cosmetics, and more.

    Mathieu Flamini Image Credits Sky Sports
    Mathieu Flamini, Image Credits- Sky Sports

    Fast forward 15 years, and GF Biochemicals stands at an impressive £21 billion valuation, surpassing even the financial stature of football icon Cristiano Ronaldo. Flamini, now the CEO, expressed his commitment to sustainability, earning accolades like ‘People of the Year’ in 2015.

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    Despite keeping the venture under wraps for the first five years, Flamini’s dedication to both football and sustainability has positioned him as a trailblazer in two vastly different fields.

    Louis Saha’s: From the Pitch to a £3.5 Billion Business Empire with Axis Stars

    Former French football sensation Louis Saha made waves during his tenure with Manchester United from 2004 to 2008, leaving an indelible mark with 86 appearances and 28 goals. Upon retiring in 2013, Saha seamlessly transitioned into the business world, co-founding the highly successful Axis Stars.

    Purportedly valued at just under £3.5 billion, Axis Stars is not just a social network but a haven for the ultra-wealthy and talented. Catering to professional athletes, musicians, actors, and agents, the app provides a secure space for elites to connect, share insights, and seek advice.

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    Louis Saha Image Credits Wikipedia
    3 November 2015; Louis Saha, Founder, Axis Stars, on the Sport Stage during Day 1 of the 2015 Web Summit in the RDS, Dublin, Ireland. Picture credit: Brendan Moran / SPORTSFILE / Web Summit

    Teaming up with tech executive Patrice Arnera and former Manchester United marketing guru Mike Farnan, Saha’s venture has flourished, boasting thousands of users. This, combined with his other projects, has propelled Saha’s reported net worth to an impressive £4.31 billion.

    In a 2014 interview with CityAM, Saha highlighted the importance of Axis Stars in the isolated world of professional sports, emphasizing its role in career management and future planning. As a go-to figure in the sporting world, Saha often finds himself at lucrative speaking events, sharing his insights on success and legacy-building.

    Louis Saha Image Credits Getty Images
    MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – JANUARY 31: Louis Saha of Manchester United celebrates scoring on his debut that put United 1-0 up during the FA Premiership match between Manchester United and Southampton at Old Trafford on January 31, 2004 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Tom Purslow/Manchester United via Getty Images)

    Reflecting on the project’s impact, Saha told the Guardian in 2017 about the satisfaction derived from helping others: “If I can help 100,000 people, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. This project is something I think is going to last.”

    Thomas Gravesen’s Astonishing Journey: From the Pitch to the High-Stakes Tables of Las Vegas

    Thomas Gravesen, a Danish football sensation, left an indelible mark on the football world, dazzling audiences with his skills at boyhood club Vejle Boldklub and later gracing renowned teams like Hamburg, Everton, Real Madrid, and Celtic.

    Thomas Gravesen Image Credits Sky Sports
    Thomas Gravesen, Image Credits- Sky Sports

    Earning a substantial £85,000 per week at the peak of his career with Real Madrid, Gravesen shocked the football community when, at the age of 32, he abruptly retired. Years later, he re-emerged in a lavish Las Vegas gated community, rubbing shoulders with neighbors like Andre Agassi and Nicolas Cage.

    Reports from Danish Tabloid BT revealed Gravesen’s strategic financial planning. Mindful of the challenges many athletes face post-retirement, he invested his on-field earnings in various financial ventures, paving the way for his multimillion-dollar move to Vegas.

    Maintaining his passion for speed, Gravesen cruised the Nevada freeways in his exclusive Mercedes SLR McLaren, boasting a top speed of 208mph and a price tag of around $500,000. His conspicuous wealth, estimated at over £80 million and rumored to have reached £100 million, became public knowledge, sparked by a poker forum revelation.

    licensed image 7 2
    Dublin , Ireland – 18 November 2019; Danish TV pundit Thomas Gravesen prior to the UEFA EURO2020 Qualifier match between Republic of Ireland and Denmark at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. (Photo By Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

    According to sources, Gravesen engaged in a high-stakes poker game in a Vegas casino, where he reportedly lost a staggering £54 million in one night. While the opponent remains undisclosed, the tale adds a dramatic twist to Gravesen’s post-football narrative, showcasing the highs and lows of his extraordinary journey.

    Jota’s Remarkable Turnaround: From Football Struggles to Leading a £600 Million Agri-Tech Wealth Empire

    Former Aston Villa player Jota, once considered a flop during his brief stint at Villa Park, has undergone a spectacular transformation in his post-football career. Retiring in 2022 after a lackluster period with the team, the former Brentford and Birmingham City midfielder pivoted towards an unexpected venture, now steering the helm of his own business valued at a staggering £600 million.

    Screenshot 2024 01 25 231628 1
    Jota, Image Credits- Instagram

    Jota’s agricultural technology company, Groinn, has become a formidable player in the industry, with 80 dedicated employees. The company is on the verge of a groundbreaking partnership with the Spanish government, aiming to provide digital agricultural assistance. Projections suggest that Groinn is set to exceed the £600 million ($760 million) mark in value by 2025.

    In an interview with The Athletic, Jota revealed his loss of motivation in football and the driving force behind his career change. He emphasized his passion for making a difference, stating, “I was doing what the manager said, but I didn’t enjoy it. It was a difficult decision because I was saying no to so much money, but I had loved football so much it was never about the money. I lost my motivation, but I had another big project on my mind.”

    Jota’s project, Groinn, operates as a plantation system utilizing sensors to monitor crop and field conditions. The technology advises on watering schedules, nutrient requirements, and fire prevention, accessible from any device. Despite the challenges and risks associated with investing millions, Jota’s bold move has proven successful, with plans to expand the company beyond his homeland.

    Jota Image Credits Aston VIlla Official Website
    Jota, Image Credits- Aston Villa Official Website

    Reflecting on the journey, Jota expressed pride in overcoming skepticism: “I feel extremely proud because I know a lot of people were saying to me, ‘This is crazy.’ Now, these people are saying, ‘Oh my word, this is making huge money.”

    Martin Braithwaite: Barcelona’s Unlikely Richest Player and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

    In the peculiar landscape of 2021, amidst the shadows of football giants like Lionel Messi, it was Martin Braithwaite who emerged as Barcelona’s wealthiest player. Despite earning a modest £85,000 per week and playing alongside bonafide Galacticos, Braithwaite’s financial prowess extended far beyond the pitch.

    The Danish striker, initially signed as an emergency acquisition from Championship side Middlesbrough, found unparalleled success in the business realm. His venture, NYCE Companies, established in the US, skyrocketed to an astonishing worth of £181 million ($250 million), just four years after his initial £617,000 ($850,000) investment in 2017.

    licensed image 8 1
    BARCELONA, SPAIN – AUGUST 29: Martin Braithwaite of FC Barcelona looks on during the La Liga Santander match between FC Barcelona and Getafe CF at Camp Nou on August 29, 2021 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Pedro Salado/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

    Teaming up with his uncle, Philip Michael, Braithwaite’s company focused on real estate, particularly in providing affordable housing in historically black neighborhoods across Philadelphia and New Jersey. Their portfolio included 1,500 apartments, with an additional 500 under development by 2021.

    In an interview with Danish outlet B.T, Michael highlighted Braithwaite’s strategic role in the business: “Martin’s role is very much about how we do in terms of strategy and vision in the long run. He is involved, but not so involved that it distracts him from football.”

    Braithwaite’s American mindset and aspirations for significant achievements were evident, as he spoke to The Philadelphia Inquirer: “I always had this American side, and I think maybe that’s why my mindset is maybe more American: dreaming big, doing amazing things, writing goals down.”

    FILE PHOTO: Soccer Football – Euro 2020 Qualifier – Group D – Republic of Ireland v Denmark – Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland – November 18, 2019 Denmark’s Martin Braithwaite scores their first goal REUTERS/David Klein/File Photo

    Beyond real estate, Braithwaite diversified his investments, co-owning the successful clothing brand ‘Trente’ with his entrepreneur wife Anne-Laure Braithwaite. Additionally, the couple ventured into the culinary scene with the Barcelona-based restaurant ‘Gave,’ where Anne-Laure’s influence is reflected in the vegetarian dishes served.

    These multifaceted endeavors, coupled with his football career, have reportedly propelled Braithwaite’s net worth to an impressive £252,941,230.08.

    Andres Iniesta: A Legendary Career and Strategic Investments for Post-Retirement Prosperity

    Spanish football maestro Andres Iniesta, renowned for his illustrious career with multiple Champions League victories and a World Cup triumph, continues to leave an indelible mark on the sport at the age of 39. Currently plying his trade for Emirates in the UAE, Iniesta’s global football journey has also taken him to Japan.

    FILE PHOTO: Soccer Football – AFC Champions League – Group G – Vissel Kobe v Guangzhou Evergrande – Al Janoub Stadium, Al Wakrah, Qatar – November 28, 2020 Vissel Kobe’s Andres Iniesta. REUTERS/Ibraheem Al Omari

    Beyond the pitch, Iniesta is poised for a lucrative post-retirement chapter, thanks to his strategic investments. Teaming up with NBA player Serge Ibaka, he is a significant investor in the sports camera business, FirstVision. This innovative company has been credited with revolutionizing the broadcast market by introducing wearable cameras that offer viewers the unique perspective of players on the pitch. The technology has been successfully trialed in various sports, including football and ice hockey.

    Since Iniesta’s investment in 2015, FirstVision has experienced exponential growth, contributing to the Spanish legend’s reported net worth of £105 million. As Iniesta continues his swan song in football, it’s evident that his financial foresight and successful ventures will ensure a comfortable retirement when the time comes. With a net worth of £105 million, Iniesta’s post-retirement prospects seem more than secure.

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