Everything you should know about Messi’s new contract with Barcelona

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    The renewal of Messi at Barcelona FC is fully confirmed now. However, there are some secrets regarding Messi’s new contract at Barca, as per some reports. All of these showed up on Thursday morning, following the sources of Wednesday.

    Messi has been with Barcelona for long 20 years, since 2000. However, at present, he is a free agent when his contract ended on June 30. The Argentine legend is eager to continue with his club, where he has been for so many years, and is looking forward to showing his efficiency in the 2021/22 campaign.

    But some questions prevail regarding Messi’s new contract. Like it is now confirmed but there hasn’t been any official announcement till now.

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    Speculations on years

    Though sources verify that Messi has signed a five-year contract to the Catalan club, he is expected to play for a couple of years for the LaLiga Santander side.

    The pay cut in the salary

    Messi’s previous contract worth was over 500 million euros, which is considered as one of the highest in the history of professional sports. But taking Barca’s financial problem perspective, it is evident that the salary cut would be necessary. It may be a cut of 50% from the total figure.

    Any big-brand player has to depart

    Barcelona has already cleared some small wages players, to clear the load of money. However, it is not enough to make Messi, compatible in the club. For this, a big branded player must depart from the club, clearing a heavy wage from Barca, which will be helpful. Even Antoine Griezman is expected to leave Barca and join Atletico Madrid soon.

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    Barca should be careful with the contracts for the Sponsors

    Barcelona must be careful in dealing with sponsors as well. As Messi is not logically a player of the club, as he has become a free agent now, it has been a thought process of how the sponsors will work with Messi. They want to complete the deal soon.

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